Given Holistic Beauty offers Beauty & Massage Treatments in the comfort of a professionally accredited Beautiful Home Salon.

An exclusive sanctuary of peace where you can rejuvenate and beautify both body and soul. This home salon dedicates itself to de-stressing the mind and body using a range of complementary therapies and beauty treatments.

As a highly-trained experienced therapist with a thorough knowledge of anatomy, physiology and sensitivity of touch, I can help improve: back, neck & shoulder pain, arthritis, rheumatism, neuralgia, mental and physical fatigue, stress, muscle tone, skin condition, functioning of internal organs, digestion, lymphatic system, reducing body fluid, nasal conditions, bronchial problems, headaches & migraines, eye strain, pre-menstrual tension & menopausal problems, wrinkles and rejuvenation.

Put this together with a range of beauty treatments and you have a recipe for total well-being, increased confidence and improved self-esteem.

For further information or to book a treatment please call Christine on 07769 214412, 01749 672138 or email